Fury Catamaran - Cozumel

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The Fury Catamaran Sail Snorkel and Beach Party in Cozumel was our favorite cruise excursion!

At first, I was very apprehensive as a very large group lined up along the pier for what appeared to be a small sail boat, only to find out that this boat had plenty of room and the more the merrier!

The Fury Catamaran is 65-feet long with area below decks, a large area under the sail, 2 bathrooms, a full bar, a fantail area and benches around the boat.

Cozumel Fury Catamaran

The crew was very friendly, energetic, and enthusiastic. We went to a popular reef area just a few minutes from the cruise pier. There were multiple master divers in the water with us. The leader had a large white float and he led us to schools of tropical fish and colorful reef areas. Many folks on the tour had never snorkeled before, and the crew did an excellent job at setting them at ease.

Disney required that everyone wear inflatable life vests which kept you buoyant and allowed you to relax on top of the crystal-clear water. The equipment was cleaned in a bleach solution and rinsed off, so there was no need to fret over that, either.

Cozumel Fury Snorkel

There was also a professional photographer taking underwater pictures that she printed during the beach party and distributed (for sale) on the ride back to the cruise pier. The pictures were really good – much better than any disposable underwater camera could have captured.

After 20-30 minutes of snorkeling, we all swam back to the nearby catamaran, boarded, and set sail for Fury's private beach. They played music, poured drinks, kids played, people danced as we paralleled the beautiful Cozumel coast.

Cozumel Lighthouse

At the Fury Catamaran beach, the kids played on an inflatable play ground in the shallow waters. It had slides, trampolines, a wobbly king-of-the-mountain float, and more. They had kayaks and floats to enjoy, lounge chairs under palm trees, and refreshments and souvenirs in the tiki bar.

Fury's private beach was a perfect match for what you day-dream about during a bad day of work: blue-green water, white sands, tiki bar, palm trees, water sports, kids having a blast on the beach.  We had an hour to enjoy the island paradise life before heading back to the cruise pier.

The sail back to the cruise ship continued the party with music, dancing, and fun. I really enjoyed this excursion! Kids had fun; adults had fun; great time was had by all!

Fury Private Beach - Cozumel
Fury Private Beach Tiki Bar - Cozumel
Cozumel Inflatable Floating Playground - Fury

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